Pink Lips - Peony

I am a lover of beauty products in fact, at one point in my life I owned 67 shades of MAC eye shadow, because … you know. Mostly, I love to shop and when I shop, I love to share. Some may say I have a “problem”, but I just call it ‘being enthusiastic’. It was only recently when I started having to read what was in my products and care what I put on my skin.

From lotion, to shampoo, and even make-up, I knew I had to start being more careful because there are allergens is tons of products you’d never think of. 

Along the way to living the allergy free life, I’ve found that the United Sates does not have very strict practices on what chemicals go into beauty and health care products; it’s appalling if you think about it. I am much more mindful of what is going not only in my body, but what’s going on it as well. I love sharing these cleaner options in hopes of helping anyone with allergies but also just sharing really great products that anyone can love.


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