When I was young I used to take my clothes and tear them into pieces only to reconstruct them in different ways. I was also the kid who’s Mom spent way too much time and money in getting “back to school” clothing. You could image how much she ‘loved’ that I quickly tore them a part.

I remember in High School we had a representative from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising come to give a presentation about their school. I went home with stars in my eyes and told my parents that I was going to be attending FIDM after going to junior college for dance.

Well,that dream became a reality! Completing my degree in Apparel Manufacturing with emphasis is buying, allocation, and merchandising, I landed in, what do you know, RETAIL! Not owning a business, designing, or buying for some big box store, but in retail store management. Not that it’s been a loss in any stretch of the imagination.

The knowledge I gained about the apparel industry, production, fabrications, and much more allowed me to be a very knowledgeable “retail guru’ which was of course paired with my natural ability to lead and develop talent … LOL!

In 2013 another dream became reality. So, now what do I have? A little boy!! Sleepless nights, long days, baggy eyes, unwashed hair, and piles of dirty clothes. :: I imagine it’s what heaven must really be like!! ::

So to pair real life with a Fashion Degree, I wanted a place where us Fashionista’s could dream but find reality in our every day trek through life.

In this ::Looks:: section I want you to find inspiration! Here is a catalog of looks that balance trends and what our reality really is! Pairing this passion for fashion with a healthy lifestyle is where happiness can begin.

:: Fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside too!! ::