S.W. Basics

S.W. Basics

You know I love a good ‘night time facial routine’ and sometimes it doesn’t have to be expensive. I actually have a six-step routine.

I know, I know, who has time for that?

Definitely not a full time working Mom in the midst of signing her four-year-old up for Kindergarten, meeting with schools, taking him to Gymnastics, Swimming, and JuJitsu, maintaining a household… Oh wait, that’s me! AND I totally have time.

I look at different factors when searching for skin care products including the ingredients (obviously) and I want them to be vegan or cruelty-free.

I am in love with great products that actually work.

I use Arbonne products for most of my routine (that’s for another post) but I just found this A-MAZING brand at – you guessed it – CVS!

I use a toner that is apple cider vinegar based and an oil serum made from coffee beans. In the morning I use a Rosewater spritz toner to change it up a little and really start my morning with something sweet.

What I love most about this brand is that its ingredients are organic and clearly written on the label.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.51.59 PM

Ingredients of the Oil Serum:

  • Organic Avocado
  • Organic Geranium Oil
  • Organic Tumeric Oil
  • Organic Coffee Bean Oil

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.52.32 PM

Ingredients Rose Water Toner:

  • Organic Rosewater

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.54.00 PM

Ingredients Toner (Apple Cider):

  • Water
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Organic witch hazel
  • Organic clay and sage & sandalwood oils

The Perfect Holiday Stock

The Perfect Holiday Stock

So, not all of these can fit in stockings but I love the concept of these small gift giving ideas. Here are my top [5] five ideas for easy stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts, teacher gifts or anything else you can come up with. Basically, it’s another awesome way for you to spend money! You know I love spending money.

First on the list is LipStick. This is not just any lipstick, this is LipSense… it’s vegan and it stays on all day. I am now addicted. To start your collection with [1] Color, [1] Gloss, and [1] Oops Remover, is $55. After that, you’re all set, each color is $25 and Gloss is $20.IMG_3752.jpg

Next up we have these fun cups from thelovebombco . They have tons of options but the basic concept is that they drop LOVE Bombs all over the world with fun quotes on cups, totes etc. My fav is the coffee cup that says “Coffee so I can Mom Hard” – it’s basically the quote of my life.

As stocking stuffers go, this is a good one. A MommyBlogger friend of mine makes these amazing roller oil blends that are amazing for tons of things like sleep, feeling under the weather etc. You’ve got to stop by her blog The Modern Mamahood to grab some.


My favorite stocking stuffer this year and a gift I gave one of my coworkers is from ‘No Nuts Beauty‘. The concept of this brand is not just ‘no nuts’ but it’s actually top 8 allergens free – Perfect for my fam. This amazing allergy Momma makes products that are safe for our kiddos with allergies and I am so glad I bought extra products because I love using it for myself. You have to stop by her site to get some for yourself.


Last up are these beautiful succulents that FennyFlowers makes in North Tustin. I’m addicted to these beautiful displays and have started my own little collection. I bought these succulents for all of my neighbors this year and one special one for my momma. Check out her Instagram page ‘fennysflowers’.


Cellular Renewal Masque

Cellular Renewal Masque

Let’s talk about Pineapple farmers. Did you know they often don’t have finger prints? The reason, pineapples reduce the appearance of fine lines! This is not a joke. With this masque, you’ll glow, girl. This masque gently exfoliates to visibly improve the appearance of skin tone and texture, minimize the look of pores, and provide a radiant glow.

After one use

  • 93% agreed that they would recommend this product to family and friends.
  • 89% agreed after one use, they experienced smoother, softer skin texture.

*Based on a clinical study of 28 women using the RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque

Use one to two times per week at night. After cleansing and drying skin, smooth a generous layer of masque over face, avoiding eyelids or getting into eyes. Leave masque on for 5 to 7 minutes. Slight transient tingling or redness may be experienced and is normal for a masque of this type.. Rinse with tepid water or use a warm washcloth. Pat dry and follow with serum and night crème.

Free From: Gluten, Nuts


Protein + Berries

Protein + Berries

When you’re a Mom your entire life revolves around doing things for other people. It’s a crazy shift when you can’t nap, shower, or poop without an interruption of some sort. The dishes, the laundry, the cleaning, the planning, the cooking, and the school lunches… should I got on?

You know those times when you go to make a snack and your baby starts crying?

How about when you find yourself standing over the trash can because your toddler took one bite of their toast and then threw the rest on the ground and you really were hungry and didn’t want it to go to waste so you scramble with the five second rule in mind. You find yourself taking a few bites before they demand that they throw it away or give it back because it’s there’s. Regular meals are too few and far between.

You make a meal and clean up before you can even sit down because it’s on to the next…

We’ll not only is all of the above true, but it’s really unhealthy. Lucky for you, I found a solution. Arbonne Protein powder.

Vegan, Gluten Free, Botanically Based… shall I got on? Vitamins A, C, B12, B6, Zinc, and much more. There is 20grams of Vegan protein in one serving. It is allergy free and isn’t packed with yucky fillers. You can bake with it, or you can simply shake it up with a blender ball and drink it on the go.

In the morning you can mix it with coconut milk and berries for a powerful antioxidant morning boost. Try it, trust me, you’ll thank me for this little gem!

Morning Shake Option

2 scoops Arbonne Chocolate Protein Powder

1 cup coconut milk

1 hand full of mixed fresh berries

Buy Protein Powed here: Arbonne Protein Powder

Free From: Gluten, Nuts, Eggs, and Corn. Vegan. Kosher



In love with the darker palate for winter. Like some strong personalities, winter demands that we make space for it. During the winter we tend to wear more make up unlike the “fresh face” of summer. Bold, brave, and somewhat extreme in ok during the cooler months of the year.

It may take time to get used to fuchsia, ruby, dark plum, and crimson in blush and lipstick. If you begin with sheer colours your makeup will be invisible, or it will be noticeable as some warm, wishy-washy shade on your skin tone. Don’t go there.

The basic eyes shadow is a clean, crisp steel grey. A cool taupe (grey-brown) can work as a good alternative. Nobody should overdo the frost, especially after 40. Summer cool taupe is not quite the same because of its inherent softness.

Get Winter Looks here:

Arbonne Make-up

Eye Shadow: Mist and Storm #6718

Lips: Aster #7933 and Daliah #7934

Social Lashes

Social Lashes

So you know when you go to the nail salon and they talk you into getting something extra at every turn? Well this happens to me all the time. One time I was talked into getting eyelash extensions.

Now this was no ordinary situation. You see my beautiful friend Kristin Francy had already done this eye lash extension thing many many times and had shown up at my house with these beautiful stinking eyes all flapping in my face and to be quit frank, I was getting really jealous! So I decided fine, I’ll show that Kristin Francy that I’m sexy too (lol)!

So I laid down and they began taping my eyes. There I laid for an HOUR!!! It was dreadful but my Mom always says, “Sometimes, you must suffer to be beautiful”.

Well those lashes felt pretty awkward for the first few days, like plastic taped to my eyes, and then they just irritated my eyes for a week. I was less than excited when they started falling out later the next week. So I suffered, and then I was disappointed!

Then I met Kasey!

social lashes dayjpg

This beautiful bombshell (In white) not only has an amazing personality but she owns this eyelash studio that is at the top of my list of recommended beauty destinations in Orange County (and beyond). Social Lashes!

Kasey not only owns this studio with her Husband but she is an amazing entrepreneur that only wants everyone around her to succeed too. She invited me to her studio for a collaboration event with my Arbonne Business and I have never felt so welcomed and rooted for in my life.

Not to mention the eye lashes I had done right before the party!

This experience was nothing like my previous one. Not only did I get to choose which Style of Lashes I wanted, the Socialite, but I laid for maybe 15 minutes before I was done. Then they lasted 3 weeks before even a single lash fell out. I never even knew my lash extensions were on. There was none of that plastic feeling. I felt beautiful!!!


Social Lashes is filled with beautiful people and beautiful product! This is the place you want to go if you’re looking into eyelash extensions! And as much as ‘Momma is always right’, this time the “Sometimes” in her quote really applied…

“Sometimes, you must suffer to be beautiful” with Social Lashes, you don’t!



Being the daughter of a world class athlete you’d think that I’d be extremely fit. Well, being blessed with great genes didn’t help in the motivation to work out. On a positive note, I was a dancer for 10+ years and had class sometimes twice a day, every day. I guess crammed all my work outs into those 10 years.

Well, as I got older I realized all those things that people said about staying fit, working out regularly, and staying active wasn’t only applicable to people who didn’t have an Olympian Dad. Guess what? It applies to me too.

Motherhood bring so many joys, but it also brings less time for yourself! This is a phrase NOT to be taken lightly. Since starting to sell Arbonne I have been sampling products and one of the categories I absolutely love is Arbonne’s Phytosport Line.

Phytosport has a set of 3 products that help you prepare, endure, and recover from your workout.

Before your work out “Prepare & Endure” helps prepare your body for maintaining endurance and energy that is crucial to supporting peak physical performance. Prepare & Endure delivers carbohydrates, D-ribose and L-carnitine to support energy and help prevent the “crash” when you don’t have the fuel you need. Key amino acids support nitric oxide production to help deliver oxygen to muscles and maintain healthy blood flow for optimum per­formance.

During your work out Complete Hydration is critical. Complete Hydration delivers a blend of 6 electrolytes to support optimal hydration for proper muscle and cell function, and to replenish electrolytes lost during exercise. Antioxidant vitamin C helps fight free radicals created during exercise. D-ribose and carbohydrates support energy levels along with the Arbonne PhytoSport Blend of 3 botanicals to carry you beyond the finish line.

Exercise can be tough. Without a healthy recovery, it can be difficult to bounce back. After Workout delivers an ideal (2:1:1) ratio of branched-chain amino acids that help allevi­ate exercise-induced muscle soreness to support recovery.◊ A unique antioxidant from pomegranate helps combat free radicals created during workouts, while carbohydrates help support energy recovery.

Get these products from Arbonne:  Arbonne
Photo Credit: Arbonne