coffeerunHi Everyone, I’m Jess! I’m in my 30’s and love to cook, drink wine, shop, and write. I’m a Mom to Dylan, my son, and a wife to my husband, Nick.

Being  a Mom is a tough business but I do it, every day. My son Dylan has sever food allergies and when I found out, I truly didn’t know what to do.

As a family we decided that the allergy free life would be a new way of living and a chance to have more energy while embracing a healthier lifestyle.

With this huge lifestyle shift, I became passionate about helping my son understand his allergies by becoming allergy free myself and discovered that I could help other parents understand the allergy world and what it means for my family and families like mine. I also discovered that living allergy free was a way to make healthier meal choices while still enjoying everything food has to offer.  Many people don’t undertand how to make healthy choices for their families or feel their best from the inside out.

Although our family has cut out many foods such as gluten, eggs, nuts, oats, and cut down on dairy, we still have lives to live! We love food and we know how to enjoy cocktails alongside a cleaner lifestyle. Clean and healthy living is something I put a lot of energy into because I value this way of life. I believe if you feel better, you live better!

On this blog, you will take a peek into my life and find allergy friendly recipes, my favorite safe products, as well as a little bit of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips.  It’ll be the balance between healthy living and real life. Cheers!!


C O N T A C T    J E S S

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