The Perfect Holiday Stock

So, not all of these can fit in stockings but I love the concept of these small gift giving ideas. Here are my top [5] five ideas for easy stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts, teacher gifts or anything else you can come up with. Basically, it’s another awesome way for you to spend money! You know I love spending money.

First on the list is LipStick. This is not just any lipstick, this is LipSense… it’s vegan and it stays on all day. I am now addicted. To start your collection with [1] Color, [1] Gloss, and [1] Oops Remover, is $55. After that, you’re all set, each color is $25 and Gloss is $20.IMG_3752.jpg

Next up we have these fun cups from thelovebombco . They have tons of options but the basic concept is that they drop LOVE Bombs all over the world with fun quotes on cups, totes etc. My fav is the coffee cup that says “Coffee so I can Mom Hard” – it’s basically the quote of my life.

As stocking stuffers go, this is a good one. A MommyBlogger friend of mine makes these amazing roller oil blends that are amazing for tons of things like sleep, feeling under the weather etc. You’ve got to stop by her blog The Modern Mamahood to grab some.


My favorite stocking stuffer this year and a gift I gave one of my coworkers is from ‘No Nuts Beauty‘. The concept of this brand is not just ‘no nuts’ but it’s actually top 8 allergens free – Perfect for my fam. This amazing allergy Momma makes products that are safe for our kiddos with allergies and I am so glad I bought extra products because I love using it for myself. You have to stop by her site to get some for yourself.


Last up are these beautiful succulents that FennyFlowers makes in North Tustin. I’m addicted to these beautiful displays and have started my own little collection. I bought these succulents for all of my neighbors this year and one special one for my momma. Check out her Instagram page ‘fennysflowers’.


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