[8] Crazy Nights

The Holiday’s are my favorite time of year. I’m Jewish. I grew up going to temple for Shabbat, Religious School on Sunday mornings, I was Bat Mitzvahed at 12 and had a beautiful wedding under the most beautiful Chuppah.

Growing up, the first night of Chanukah was the most special night for my family. We always had the ‘big gift’ on night one. We also randomly celebrated Christmas, but that’s for another post (coming soon!)

Now that I have a little one, I realize that I truly want to have all 8 Crazy Night’s of Chanukah, not just night one; but don’t fret, our night one will still be the ‘big gift’ night.

Most Jewish food is centered around allergens. Keeping Kosher for many Jews could prove to add another set of challenges for allergy free kids. Dairy, gluten, and egg wash are all parts of the eight crazy nights of Chanukah. (and many other Jewish events)

Latkas are the center of Chanukah’s food selection. Latkes of Potato Pancakes are shallow fried ‘pancakes’ made from ground potato, flour, and egg. They are often topped with a variety of condiments, ranging from sour cream, cottage cheese, and applesauce.

Here is a recipe you’ll love for latkas no one would suspect are allergy friendly. Just a few quick ingredients, about 15 minutes of time, and you’re done.

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 1.35.25 PM


  • Potatoes
  • Egg Replacer (for 3 Eggs)
  • Garlic Salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste)
  • Vegan Butter (cold – so you can use as a binder)
  •  4 Scallop Onions
  • Canola Oil


I’ve chosen golden potatoes for this recipe but you can use anything you’d like. You can even buy store bought frozen hash browns if peeling potatoes isn’t your jam. The frozen hash brown brand I like is ‘Alexia’. (Shop Here)

Make sure that you drain your potatoes of moisture so that they aren’t soggy. The dryer the better. I peel mine into the sink and then squeeze the moisture out every 5 minutes with a paper towel.

Mix your ingredients together in a bowl (leave some green onions out so you can garnish) – use the butter as a bonding agent (note* yes it will melt but it will get your latkas from the bowl to the pan)

Form you potato latkas into flat pancakes and fry in your choice of oil. I like canola oil because it can get very HOT.

Add more garlic salt/pepper on the top of your latkas as they fry. Flip after a few minutes (roughly 5 minutes on each side)

Serve warm!



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