Five Allergy Free Valentines

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we all know what that means! Chocolate hearts, cookies, candy, and allergy filled treats. Heading to the local grocery store to fulfill your child’s classroom holiday-themed needs, can still be easy even if you’re not the DIY kind of parent. I’ve complied a few ideas that can accommodate everyone’s child, allergies or not, and will still be filled with Valentine’s Day love.

When thinking of your child’s classroom, try to remember that involvement of everyone is the perfect way to show others you care.

Here are five ways to accomplish an Allergy Free Valentine’s Day:


  1. You’re All Write: Pencils and a clever note. If you aren’t crafty, instead of creating this heart shaped holder, you can attach your child’s store bought Valentine to a pencil. Pencils are a classroom staple so it makes sense to pass them out. Make sure the pencil is unsharpened to keep small hands safe from lead.


2. Loving crossword: Keeping with a pencil theme, it’s easy enough to print a small crossword to spell out a message of love. Cutting paper into a heart around that message is just as easy!

3. Bubbles: Always a fan favorite! You can buy bubbles in bulk for an inexpensive price at most grocery stores and even at the 99 cent store. It’s simple enough to attach a message with your child’s name attached. The children will be “blow away” at your effort to make their Valentine’s Day special.


4. Paperclips: For the more experienced DIY parent, this little project is slightly more involved. Paperclips are an easy purchase and small felt hearts aren’t rare during the month of February. All you need is a little glue and your child’s valentine to slip the paperclip on to. Done!


5. Bookmarks: All you’ll need is a little string! This project is easy. Head to your local hardware store and find a Valentine themed color palate paint sample. Grab a heart shaped hole punch and a little sting. DONE and ADORABLE!

Have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day!

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