Shoes make me happy! One shoe I believe every girl should have in her closet are booties. Booties can be styled in so many different ways making them the perfect option for ANY season. You can dress booties up, wear them to work, wear them casually, and even run after your kids in them.


Ankle booties are something you either love or you hate. If you’re the latter, you likely make excuses as to why you absolutely cannot do the “ankle boot thing.” To help you, here is the list of Do’s and Don’ts


  • Roll your loose fitting jeans a ½” above your booties
  • Slightly cuff your skinny Jeans above your booties to create a casual look
  • Tuck skinny jeans into your booties to elongate your leg
  • Wear black legging or tights with black booties for longer looking legs
  • Wear them for a date night with a skirt or cocktail dress


  • Don’t tuck loose fitting pants into booties
  • Don’t be self-conscious because booties add flare to your outfit
  • Don’t wear them with skirts or dresses that are too short


Remember that booties can be worn in so many different ways.

  • Slacks and a jacket with flat patent leather ankle booties is a perfect alternative to flats
  • High pointed toe ankle booties with a knee length skirt is a great cozy date night outfit
  • Casual and comfortable with a little “edge” is perfect with cuffed denim and a sweater

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