Gluten Free Pasta

Going gluten free can be very difficult to say the least. Many people ask what the best pasta options are for gluten free products. Keep in mind that GF pasta can taste gritty, and/or slimy if not cooked right. It takes a little longer to cook GF pastas and remember you need to rinse it after it’s been strained.

Here are my top three favorite options

  1. Andean Dream:

Ingredients: Organic white rice flour, organic quinoa flour. All ingredients are GMO free.

Free From: Gluten, Allergen Friendly, Corn Free, and Vegan

This is 100% the best pasta I have had! I absolutely love it. It tastes fresh and doesn’t get a slimy texture. This pasta is expensive though and you need two boxes for a family of four. It’s defiantly my favorite but not the best price.

unnamed (2).png

  1. Trader Joes Quinoa and Brow Rice:

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice, Organic Quinoa Flour and Water.

I like this option better than I like the all brown rice option. It’s not gritty and tastes similar to normal pasta you would eat.


  1. Deboles: Amaranth

Ingredients: Made with brown rice, quinoa & amaranth

I really like the texture and taste of this pasta. If over cooked it can be slimy which isn’t ideal but if it’s cooked just right then it tastes pretty great.



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