Gray or Grey

Did you know that Grey is spelled correctly? How about Gray? Do you know the difference? I was messing around with a friend and this question came up. Her response, “Duh, one is England English and one isn’t”. Okay so that seemed logical… turns out, that’s actually true. They are both correct however one is American English and one is English. Can you guess which is which?

While you think about that, let’s talk about the cozy little sweat I found at one of my favorite spots, Irene’s Story. It’s Cashmere and I want to live in it.

I absolutely love when the season starts to change which doesn’t really happen in Orange County California but it’s been cold enough to wear this amazing Grey (with an E) sweater and these fun boots I found at Bloomingdales.

Shop the look:

Cashmere Sweater – Irene’s Story

Black Ponte Pants – Maxstudio

Booties – Bloomingdales

Accessories – Irene’s Story





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