Go To

Sometimes less is more. Having a “go to” option makes life a heck of a lot easier. Especially when your toddler doesn’t want to cooperate for their morning routine.

Q: What’s wrong with denim and a white T-shirt? A: Nothing.

Denim can be cut many different ways to change up your look and most cuts can be stylized to spice up an outfit. Rolling up the ankles slightly gives it a more urban look but remains casual.

I like the option for a plain white t-shirt because adding accessories to your outfit shows your personality and what your really feeling that day.

Booties with a peep toe are a really great office shoe. You know how you’d love to dress for the weather, but you realize that the office temperature is really cold so you find yourself actually dressing for the office instead? Well a peep toe allows this look to be “summer inspired” but the bootie tells you “I’m ready for fall to begin”.

Top: Top Shop – Nordstrom

Denim: Top Shop – Nordstrom

Booties: Target

Necklace: Francescas Boutique

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