Swing dresses, as they used to be called and I guess their ‘formal name’, are one of my favorite types of dresses. Many clothing companies define swing dresses differently however, my definition is that’s it’s a shapeless, flowing, comfortable dress. I became obsessed with this type of dress after working for Leon Max. I own many different colors of swing dresses and they seem to remain timeless.

You’d assume that this dress wouldn’t be made for my body type. I’m 5’10’ and thin, but the bottom line is, you should never limit yourself to a certain size or shape of clothing. Especially because despite popular opinion, not everything looks good on tall thin women. There are many shapes that just don’t work! The swing dress is not one of them.

So, why do I like swing dresses? Well for starters, they look great on any body type, and they have a high fashion appeal. Their design is very simple, comfortable, and allows for fun accessories. Overall this type of dress can be worn all year long, layered, and accessorized. It’s basically, perfect!

Get the dress: Lula Roe

Boots: Nordstrom

Necklace: Francescas Boutique

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