Old Wives Tale – Dylan, Out

You know those times when your son is 3 and decides he doesn’t need a nap? Yeah well here is the result of one of those times.

Being 3, in my opinion, is pretty awesome. I love this “stage”. I feel like I’ve said that about every stage  past year one. As my son grows up though, I just like him more and more. I see that little personality develop and realize that he is the perfect mixture between myself and my husband. Strong willed, sassy, super loving, and opinionated.

I just love this photo because it captures his resistance to nap time so perfectly. This kid, head hanging down, drooling, and so incredibly in a deep sleep. Then me, Mom, having to wait in the car because the thought of “waking the beast” would never even cross my mind. That’s one of those “wives tales” that I’ve never wavered on, NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY! I’ve never ever done it, at least not on purpose, and I’d rather be late to work, miss an appointment, or not show up for girls night then wake this kid up!

What “wives tale” have you never waiver on?

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