Little Peeps

Starting up yoga wasn’t easy. It’s hard to slip away for 5 minutes to use the bathroom let alone go to and 1.5 hour Hot Yoga class. My husband is super helpful and hands on, but doesn’t he get to have a moment too?

Well I started take Yoga classes on Saturday Mornings at ‘Radiant Hot Yoga’. The first class I cried most of the time because the teacher was talking about being grateful and about being healthy from the inside out, needless to say I was a mess! (I don’t get out much, obviously)

I felt amazing after the class even though it was extremely hard! I used to go to yoga 1-2 times a day 5 days a week… it’s been 6 years!

So after this class I noticed little toddler people with their mommies running out to their cars. I thought to myself ‘Where were those babies during yoga? Not waiting in the car I hope!” I went back inside and found 2 women in a small studio cleaning up what looking like a yoga/art class. I found out that this company called ‘Little Peeps Yoga” conducts a toddler class on Saturday Mornings while their Mommy’s take yoga!

After some explaining about Dylan’s allergies, crying a little more, and asking the teacher more questions about their teaching background, I was over the moon at the thought that maybe Hubby could get a break, Mom could enjoy a class, and baby could learn a new skill!

It took me 2 weeks but I did it! I took a yoga class while Dylan took “Little Peeps”. He came out with a big smile and an art project! I am so grateful he had a good time, he was safe, and that I could take a class without worry!!

It was an amazing feeling! It’s the little things in life!

Little Peeps: Little Peeps Yoga

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