Social Lashes

So you know when you go to the nail salon and they talk you into getting something extra at every turn? Well this happens to me all the time. One time I was talked into getting eyelash extensions.

Now this was no ordinary situation. You see my beautiful friend Kristin Francy had already done this eye lash extension thing many many times and had shown up at my house with these beautiful stinking eyes all flapping in my face and to be quit frank, I was getting really jealous! So I decided fine, I’ll show that Kristin Francy that I’m sexy too (lol)!

So I laid down and they began taping my eyes. There I laid for an HOUR!!! It was dreadful but my Mom always says, “Sometimes, you must suffer to be beautiful”.

Well those lashes felt pretty awkward for the first few days, like plastic taped to my eyes, and then they just irritated my eyes for a week. I was less than excited when they started falling out later the next week. So I suffered, and then I was disappointed!

Then I met Kasey!

social lashes dayjpg

This beautiful bombshell (In white) not only has an amazing personality but she owns this eyelash studio that is at the top of my list of recommended beauty destinations in Orange County (and beyond). Social Lashes!

Kasey not only owns this studio with her Husband but she is an amazing entrepreneur that only wants everyone around her to succeed too. She invited me to her studio for a collaboration event with my Arbonne Business and I have never felt so welcomed and rooted for in my life.

Not to mention the eye lashes I had done right before the party!

This experience was nothing like my previous one. Not only did I get to choose which Style of Lashes I wanted, the Socialite, but I laid for maybe 15 minutes before I was done. Then they lasted 3 weeks before even a single lash fell out. I never even knew my lash extensions were on. There was none of that plastic feeling. I felt beautiful!!!


Social Lashes is filled with beautiful people and beautiful product! This is the place you want to go if you’re looking into eyelash extensions! And as much as ‘Momma is always right’, this time the “Sometimes” in her quote really applied…

“Sometimes, you must suffer to be beautiful” with Social Lashes, you don’t!

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