The Grand Scheme

So I’m one of those Mom’s that got a wild hair up her ass and thought she was going to make millions of dollars “starting her own business”. It’s funny actually because I used to be one of those people who sat at home, annoyed that another one of my friends was doing a pyramid scheme. I wasn’t upset that they were posting on social media, but that they were drawn into this sad, “pretend business”.

Then I found Arbonne, a Network Marketing company. No longer called a pyramid scheme or MLM. I know, I know, it’s crazy to think that someone who is working full time, owns a house, and is doing just fine, would want to do something like this. Right? This kind of crap is for those stay at home Mom’s! (Only joking)

Well, these businesses are not bull shit, they are real, they are fun, and they are totally lucrative. These businesses are changing our day to day and making tons of family’s lives easier. Whether it’s starting their own business, or just finding the right product that works for their family.

Arbonne came into my life because I had a need for it. Arbonne is certified Gluten free and Vegan and is safe for my family to use. I never knew it before but I needed Arbonne in my life. So I started a business with this company.

I am so proud to be among the women (and men) in Arbonne. The companies motto is  “pure, safe, and beneficial”. Arbonne’s products have made my life so much easier. My family uses these products daily not only on their skin, but we use Arbonne nutrition products as well.

In the grand scheme of things, (no pun intended) I found what works for me, but I wanted to touch on Network Marketing companies across the board. Let’s talk about why you’re so annoyed with your friends for doing these businesses.

These products that your friends are selling are most likely products you already use. If you bought them from your friends, you would be deciding to buy these products to benefit their families instead of bigger companies like Walmart, Target, and CVS. But, don’t lie, you just don’t want to give these products a chance.

But, why not?

We understand that these businesses are NOT for everyone. We get it. It’s not going to stop us from asking you, but you CAN say “no”. We’ll be just fine with it. Stop being afraid! Try to listen.

What is so wrong with rooting for us to win? Does it offend you in some way? We are excited for you when things happen in your life.

Whether you like it or not, Network Marketing is part of our daily lives. You may not see it this way, but when you ask about a good restaurant, or if a movie was good, and your friends give you suggestions, that’s Network Marketing. That person is a walking advertisement! You might comment on a top your friend is wearing, or on a lip gloss that you think is beautiful. Instead of going to Target, Nordstrom, or MAC, you could decide to buy it through your trusted friend. Is that so hard?

Now here’s the thing, Disney/Pixar didn’t put money in my pocket for saying how much I loved ‘Finding Dory’, but I still told everyone I knew that they had to see it. (Yeah, that’s the only movie I’ve seen in 3 years – LOL) Network marketing companies will pay people to talk about/sell products they are already using and get people to love them too. They save on millions of advertising dollars and put that cash right into the commission structures for people like me. Easy!

Network Marketing is everywhere. Let’s talk about Realtors, Insurance Agents, Loan Officers… These are some examples of jobs that are commissioned only businesses and word of mouth advertisement for the most part! Same thing. Right?

You see, we are only trying to make your lives easier and better. So stop the bashing! Stop getting upset! Doing this business shows that we have a big goal we are trying to reach and we haven’t quit! You should be proud that we are chasing our dreams and putting in the effort.

We, the women and men of Network marketing companies, want our lives to not only be better and easier, but we want them to be fuller. We want to give back where we can, and we want to save. Is that such a bad thing?

We sometimes can make things more possible for others. Weather that’s jumping on board in our business to generate an income of your own, or this business allowing us to have enough money to buy tickets for a raffle you’re having for your child’s school. We want to give back to you too.

We are making an impact. We are showing our children we can work hard and still have time for them. We are showing them that we will chase our dreams and reach our goals no matter how impossible they might seem. We are teaching compassion when other people are seeking a need like I once had.

This community is growing and we should be helping lift each other up. Give your friends a chance! They are excited, motivated, and it would be so much easier to be kinder to one another. There is room at the top for everyone!

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