Cooking with Friends

There is a reason the quote reads “friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life” because nothing, not a conversation, not a handshake, or even a hug establishes friendship so perfectly then eating together!

Cooking and sharing a meal establishes good conversation, laughter, and happiness. Look at it from the perspective that everyone gets to take part. Weather its making the meal by helping chop vegetables, add ingredients into a bowl, setting the table, enjoying the meal, and helping clean up afterwards. Even if you believe that you “can’t cook” you can take part in the sharing!

My son loves to cook! It can absolutely be difficult with a toddler in the kitchen, but having him take part teaches him valuable lessons. Cooking remember is not only sharing, its patience, mathematics (measuring), cleaning (your hands and dishes), it’s satisfaction, and of course promotes confidence.

My son has a special stool that he calls his “Jay Jay Stool”. This stool represents my brother (Uncle Jay Jay / Jason) who used to use it when he would help my Mom cook in our kitchen growing up. AND Yup, I stole it form my Mom (thanks Mom)!

Dylan uses it every. single. day. We pull it out of the pantry to make Gluten Free Toast, he makes my coffee, perfectly might I add, and to chop vegetables with his plastic knife during dinner prep.

When friends are over we measure out ingredients and everyone gets to combined and stir. Not only do I want my son to love to cook, but I want him to take control of what ingredients are safe for him. Being allergic to so many things can make it feel impossible, but in fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s amazing the things you learn when you have a challenge ahead of you. We make amazing food that is safe to consume, and of course we get to share these meals with our friends!


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