Social Lashes

Social Lashes

So you know when you go to the nail salon and they talk you into getting something extra at every turn? Well this happens to me all the time. One time I was talked into getting eyelash extensions.

Now this was no ordinary situation. You see my beautiful friend Kristin Francy had already done this eye lash extension thing many many times and had shown up at my house with these beautiful stinking eyes all flapping in my face and to be quit frank, I was getting really jealous! So I decided fine, I’ll show that Kristin Francy that I’m sexy too (lol)!

So I laid down and they began taping my eyes. There I laid for an HOUR!!! It was dreadful but my Mom always says, “Sometimes, you must suffer to be beautiful”.

Well those lashes felt pretty awkward for the first few days, like plastic taped to my eyes, and then they just irritated my eyes for a week. I was less than excited when they started falling out later the next week. So I suffered, and then I was disappointed!

Then I met Kasey!

social lashes dayjpg

This beautiful bombshell (In white) not only has an amazing personality but she owns this eyelash studio that is at the top of my list of recommended beauty destinations in Orange County (and beyond). Social Lashes!

Kasey not only owns this studio with her Husband but she is an amazing entrepreneur that only wants everyone around her to succeed too. She invited me to her studio for a collaboration event with my Arbonne Business and I have never felt so welcomed and rooted for in my life.

Not to mention the eye lashes I had done right before the party!

This experience was nothing like my previous one. Not only did I get to choose which Style of Lashes I wanted, the Socialite, but I laid for maybe 15 minutes before I was done. Then they lasted 3 weeks before even a single lash fell out. I never even knew my lash extensions were on. There was none of that plastic feeling. I felt beautiful!!!


Social Lashes is filled with beautiful people and beautiful product! This is the place you want to go if you’re looking into eyelash extensions! And as much as ‘Momma is always right’, this time the “Sometimes” in her quote really applied…

“Sometimes, you must suffer to be beautiful” with Social Lashes, you don’t!



Being the daughter of a world class athlete you’d think that I’d be extremely fit. Well, being blessed with great genes didn’t help in the motivation to work out. On a positive note, I was a dancer for 10+ years and had class sometimes twice a day, every day. I guess crammed all my work outs into those 10 years.

Well, as I got older I realized all those things that people said about staying fit, working out regularly, and staying active wasn’t only applicable to people who didn’t have an Olympian Dad. Guess what? It applies to me too.

Motherhood bring so many joys, but it also brings less time for yourself! This is a phrase NOT to be taken lightly. Since starting to sell Arbonne I have been sampling products and one of the categories I absolutely love is Arbonne’s Phytosport Line.

Phytosport has a set of 3 products that help you prepare, endure, and recover from your workout.

Before your work out “Prepare & Endure” helps prepare your body for maintaining endurance and energy that is crucial to supporting peak physical performance. Prepare & Endure delivers carbohydrates, D-ribose and L-carnitine to support energy and help prevent the “crash” when you don’t have the fuel you need. Key amino acids support nitric oxide production to help deliver oxygen to muscles and maintain healthy blood flow for optimum per­formance.

During your work out Complete Hydration is critical. Complete Hydration delivers a blend of 6 electrolytes to support optimal hydration for proper muscle and cell function, and to replenish electrolytes lost during exercise. Antioxidant vitamin C helps fight free radicals created during exercise. D-ribose and carbohydrates support energy levels along with the Arbonne PhytoSport Blend of 3 botanicals to carry you beyond the finish line.

Exercise can be tough. Without a healthy recovery, it can be difficult to bounce back. After Workout delivers an ideal (2:1:1) ratio of branched-chain amino acids that help allevi­ate exercise-induced muscle soreness to support recovery.◊ A unique antioxidant from pomegranate helps combat free radicals created during workouts, while carbohydrates help support energy recovery.

Get these products from Arbonne:  Arbonne
Photo Credit: Arbonne

Bloody Marty’s

Bloody Marty’s

In our first house in 2011 we had a neighbor named Marty. Marty was not only a great guy with an amazing personality and drove a beautiful Harley, he made the greatest Bloody Marys on the planet. So amazing, they have forever been renamed Bloody Marty’s!

Nick (my husband) and I had an entire business planned out for Marty just centered on a Bloody Marty Bar. It was genius. But Bloody Marty’s were only for close friends of his.

Nick and I were lucky enough to be the recipients of some of these amazing cocktails. One of these bad boys and you were set for the entire day! Flying high and feeling great.

Since moving my husband always tributes our Sunday brunches, and family gathering with Bloody Marty’s. Complete with all the fixins’…

Except there is a secret – and I won’t be sharing, but here is most of the ingredients!


  • Vodka
  • Spicy Bloody Mary Mix
  • A1 Sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Black Olives
  • Olive Juice
  • Ice


  • Pickles
  • Celery
  • Shrimp
  • Blue Cheese Stuffed olives


Fill Glass with Ice

Fill Vodka ½ way to the top of your glass (yes it’s a lot)

Add in your ingredients

Stir with a knife

Add in your Garnish


-Note: This picture does not include all the ingredients listed for this cocktail!

The Grand Scheme

The Grand Scheme

So I’m one of those Mom’s that got a wild hair up her ass and thought she was going to make millions of dollars “starting her own business”. It’s funny actually because I used to be one of those people who sat at home, annoyed that another one of my friends was doing a pyramid scheme. I wasn’t upset that they were posting on social media, but that they were drawn into this sad, “pretend business”.

Then I found Arbonne, a Network Marketing company. No longer called a pyramid scheme or MLM. I know, I know, it’s crazy to think that someone who is working full time, owns a house, and is doing just fine, would want to do something like this. Right? This kind of crap is for those stay at home Mom’s! (Only joking)

Well, these businesses are not bull shit, they are real, they are fun, and they are totally lucrative. These businesses are changing our day to day and making tons of family’s lives easier. Whether it’s starting their own business, or just finding the right product that works for their family.

Arbonne came into my life because I had a need for it. Arbonne is certified Gluten free and Vegan and is safe for my family to use. I never knew it before but I needed Arbonne in my life. So I started a business with this company.

I am so proud to be among the women (and men) in Arbonne. The companies motto is  “pure, safe, and beneficial”. Arbonne’s products have made my life so much easier. My family uses these products daily not only on their skin, but we use Arbonne nutrition products as well.

In the grand scheme of things, (no pun intended) I found what works for me, but I wanted to touch on Network Marketing companies across the board. Let’s talk about why you’re so annoyed with your friends for doing these businesses.

These products that your friends are selling are most likely products you already use. If you bought them from your friends, you would be deciding to buy these products to benefit their families instead of bigger companies like Walmart, Target, and CVS. But, don’t lie, you just don’t want to give these products a chance.

But, why not?

We understand that these businesses are NOT for everyone. We get it. It’s not going to stop us from asking you, but you CAN say “no”. We’ll be just fine with it. Stop being afraid! Try to listen.

What is so wrong with rooting for us to win? Does it offend you in some way? We are excited for you when things happen in your life.

Whether you like it or not, Network Marketing is part of our daily lives. You may not see it this way, but when you ask about a good restaurant, or if a movie was good, and your friends give you suggestions, that’s Network Marketing. That person is a walking advertisement! You might comment on a top your friend is wearing, or on a lip gloss that you think is beautiful. Instead of going to Target, Nordstrom, or MAC, you could decide to buy it through your trusted friend. Is that so hard?

Now here’s the thing, Disney/Pixar didn’t put money in my pocket for saying how much I loved ‘Finding Dory’, but I still told everyone I knew that they had to see it. (Yeah, that’s the only movie I’ve seen in 3 years – LOL) Network marketing companies will pay people to talk about/sell products they are already using and get people to love them too. They save on millions of advertising dollars and put that cash right into the commission structures for people like me. Easy!

Network Marketing is everywhere. Let’s talk about Realtors, Insurance Agents, Loan Officers… These are some examples of jobs that are commissioned only businesses and word of mouth advertisement for the most part! Same thing. Right?

You see, we are only trying to make your lives easier and better. So stop the bashing! Stop getting upset! Doing this business shows that we have a big goal we are trying to reach and we haven’t quit! You should be proud that we are chasing our dreams and putting in the effort.

We, the women and men of Network marketing companies, want our lives to not only be better and easier, but we want them to be fuller. We want to give back where we can, and we want to save. Is that such a bad thing?

We sometimes can make things more possible for others. Weather that’s jumping on board in our business to generate an income of your own, or this business allowing us to have enough money to buy tickets for a raffle you’re having for your child’s school. We want to give back to you too.

We are making an impact. We are showing our children we can work hard and still have time for them. We are showing them that we will chase our dreams and reach our goals no matter how impossible they might seem. We are teaching compassion when other people are seeking a need like I once had.

This community is growing and we should be helping lift each other up. Give your friends a chance! They are excited, motivated, and it would be so much easier to be kinder to one another. There is room at the top for everyone!

Mini Chocolate Cakes

Mini Chocolate Cakes

Well we all know I LOVE Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Mixes. They are safe and easy. The recipe on the box of course calls for ingredients that we are unable to use in my house, however, that doesn’t make it impossible to make them taste amazing! I absolutely love making these mini chocolate cakes or what we call Muffin’s in our house.

I measure out ingredients and Dylan (my toddler) is able to lend a helping hand. Here is what we do…


  • Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix
  • 1 Stick Earth Balance Dairy Free Butter
  • ½ Cup coconut milk
  • Dash of Vanilla
  • White Chocolate Chips (Dairy Free)


  • Melt Earth Balance butter in a microwave safe dish
  • Combined all ingredients in a mixing bowl
  • Whisk together until smooth
  • Coat mini muffin tin and fill cups ¾ of the way full
  • Place a few White Chocolate Chips in each filled tin
  • Bake at 425 for 16-18 minutes (once you start to smell them they are about done)


Free From: Gluten, Wheat, Eggs, Dairy

Purchase Products:

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cake Mix

Earth Balance Dairy free butter

White Chocolate Chips (Dairy Free)

Red, White, & Blue Popsicles

Red, White, & Blue Popsicles

For the Fourth of July Holiday I wanted to make something festive and safe for our little one. Not to mention making Popsicle’s is not only FUN it’s healthier than most store bought brands.

SO here is our festive Popsicle recipe for the Fourth of July! It’s Pina Colada, Blueberry, and Strawberry! I found this recipe on Yummy Mummy Kitchen ! It’s awesome!!


  • 1 1/4 cups pineapple juice
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup vanilla coconut milk
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries


  • In a blender blend 1/2 cup pineapple juice and frozen strawberries (You can puree completely or leave chunky)
  • Fill Popsicle molds about 1/3 the way up with strawberry pineapple mixture. Rinse the blender
  • Blend coconut milk, frozen pineapple, banana, and 1/4 cup pineapple juice
  • Fill the Popsicle molds another 1/3 way up with the Pina colada mixture. Rinse the blender.
  • Blend 1/2 cup pineapple juice with frozen blueberries. Pour over the pineapple coconut mixture to fill molds to the top
  • Freeze for at least 3 hours
  • To remove ice pops from the molds, run warm water over the bottom of molds.


Free From: Gluten, Wheat, Nuts, Dairy

Contains: Coconut (Can substituent with Hemp milk!)

Photo Credit: Yummy Mummy Kitchen


Cooking with Friends

Cooking with Friends

There is a reason the quote reads “friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life” because nothing, not a conversation, not a handshake, or even a hug establishes friendship so perfectly then eating together!

Cooking and sharing a meal establishes good conversation, laughter, and happiness. Look at it from the perspective that everyone gets to take part. Weather its making the meal by helping chop vegetables, add ingredients into a bowl, setting the table, enjoying the meal, and helping clean up afterwards. Even if you believe that you “can’t cook” you can take part in the sharing!

My son loves to cook! It can absolutely be difficult with a toddler in the kitchen, but having him take part teaches him valuable lessons. Cooking remember is not only sharing, its patience, mathematics (measuring), cleaning (your hands and dishes), it’s satisfaction, and of course promotes confidence.

My son has a special stool that he calls his “Jay Jay Stool”. This stool represents my brother (Uncle Jay Jay / Jason) who used to use it when he would help my Mom cook in our kitchen growing up. AND Yup, I stole it form my Mom (thanks Mom)!

Dylan uses it every. single. day. We pull it out of the pantry to make Gluten Free Toast, he makes my coffee, perfectly might I add, and to chop vegetables with his plastic knife during dinner prep.

When friends are over we measure out ingredients and everyone gets to combined and stir. Not only do I want my son to love to cook, but I want him to take control of what ingredients are safe for him. Being allergic to so many things can make it feel impossible, but in fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s amazing the things you learn when you have a challenge ahead of you. We make amazing food that is safe to consume, and of course we get to share these meals with our friends!