Pale Pink Summer

It sometimes may be hard to believe that I have a degree in fashion and that I spent nearly $80,000 to get it because let’s face it, I’m the mom of a little boy. The days of chic, or really even being “put together” are long past me. Bottom line, I just stopped making time to look like I had a Fashion degree. Really though, who actually says that?

So, in the swift attempt to get my act together, here is an easy, mom & toddler approved, summer combo that wont break the bank. It’ll have you feeling more together then you’ve probably been in the last 2 years (that is, if you’re a new-ish mom)!

Denim is always a must but this boyfriend cut is nothing like your sexy “date night” denim. This pair is for comfort, sass, and a whole lotta mess (if there are any). Pale pink is a color that makes your skin tone look a little more blush, and frankly allows that light in your face to beam. Pair with a few easy accessories and BAM! you’re days of “mommy grunge” are long gone!



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