Safe Make-up

After years of wearing MAC and loving the brand like I love my first born, I realized, I spend way too much money on products I’m unable to use anymore.

I own 56 different colors of MAC eye shadow alone. That isn’t an arbitrary number, I legitimately owe 56 different colors. Not to mention the pallet’s I’ve put together. An obsession to say the least.

BUT now that I’m a “grown up” or better yet a Mom with an allergy prone child, I look at whats in my products. Super annoying huh?

Arbonne is a game changer! Gluten-free, Vegan, botanically based… thank the gods! It’s even feels better going on.

Now, I’m not “naturally pretty”; That’s not a dig at myself, it’s just fact. I’m not going to pretend like I look like a super model when I wake up in the morning and that I’m perfect because truly, I’m not! I know what I’ve got that looks great and I also know that I need to put make-up on to look like a human every day.

So I’ve found some amazing things in my Arbonne stash that really make me feel beautiful, but are also safe for my body and my son’s.

You ask why it would matter to my son…

Well, I love the crap out of my kid. Any time I can squeeze, kiss, hug, or hold him, I’m doin’ it. Also, little boys mimic their Mom’s.

My brother used to want his nails painted when my mom would give herself a mani/pedi, as well as wear her high heals around the house. Don’t worry he is a well adjusted adult, and a lawyer, so we’re good.

When I get ready for the day, my son loves to “be like Mommy” and put on blush or powder. So… see… safe is important! Also, I’m not a bad person to want to be like in my opinion. I’m the coolest person I know. (LOL)

Some of my favorite Arbonne Make-up products are:

Happy Shopping !

To Shop:



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