Boot Camp

Happy Boot Camp Prep! Or is it?

I’m dreading this “active” thing like you wouldn’t believe. So here’s the deal, I was a dancer. That means no gym, no weights, no running, no problems. My weight work out consisted of lifting my right leg in the air and spinning in circles. So lets just get it right, I don’t know how to “work out”.

Now those dancing days have been LONG over but that doesn’t mean I’ll know what I’m doing. In 2010 I went to yoga Sometimes twice a day. Why I’m not a yoga instructor, I don’t know, but here is what I know.

Fact: I don’t do running

Fact: I don’t lift weights

Not to mention I’ve had open heart surgery twice, but that’s beside the point.

Boot Camp and Me? Ha!

Well, I got a wild hair up my ass and now I’ve signed up for this 3 days a week 5:30 AM, yes that early, boot camp. Wish me luck…

Apparel: ASICS

Shoes: Noosa Tri 9 – ASICS

Water Bottle: ArbonneĀ 

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